Keeping Your site “Sticky” with a Website Copy Review

I can see it in my head, like a vision.

You’re ready to finally rewrite your website copy. This is the day. The sun is peeking through the clouds, your piping hot coffee is steaming in the cool morning air, you have the time mapped out on your calendar, so you sit down and…

… check Facebook really quick.

Uh oh.

Then you go back to your blank document, try to write something, and throw up your hands.

“Writing is hard!”

And you let it sit for another six months, even though you KNOW you’re letting money walk through the door every day.

Look. As a professional writer, I can honestly tell you —

When you go about it that way, writing IS hard.

It’s nearly impossible.

That’s why I started doing Website Copy Reviews.

Copywriters don’t start in the middle.

Huh uh. No way. If you asked me to write you some new website copy, I wouldn’t just gaze out the window until I get inspiration. I would research your company and your customer. Then, I would use all my training and knowledge about what works on the internet to craft an effective message for you.

(Here’s your real secret: I don’t even have to write that much, because YOUR CUSTOMER writes a lot of it for me. The work comes in finding what they’re saying and applying it in the right way.)

When you’re writing your website copy, you shouldn’t start in the middle, either. You should be sitting down with a plan, and bring your own brand voice as the icing on the cake.

You can’t stick a candle in butter and flour.

Been in business for less than two years? Already have a website? This is for you.

As you grow, your website has to grow with you. 

There’s value — a lot — in having a professional copywriter overhaul your website copy every year or two, but it’s not cheap. If you don’t have four figures at the ready, you’ll need to do it yourself.

To be honest, it’s not really worth hiring a conversion copywriter until you have more data, more happy clients, and more website traffic, anyway. 

When you’re first starting out, it makes more sense to write it yourself.

But it’s hard.

So stop looping around decisions, and get a plan you can stick to.

Okay, fine, but what the heck is this review, anyway?

You get a professional (me!) to look at your website, tell you what’s working and what’s not, and to give you a list of ways to improve it.

It’s super easy to implement.

You’ll get a video (about 20 minutes long), as well as a written roadmap/blueprint/easy-to-follow list of action items to complete.

You’ll get your site done quickly, and capture more leads from your site.

Get yours now.

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