Lessons from XOXO 2019, or, Log Off and Start Bustin’

Go outside. Let things surprise you. Throw your phone out the window, but not really. Go to therapy, be kind, go out on a limb but stay safe. Protect your inner self. Share your work, which is separate from your inner self, even though it might mirror bits and pieces of it. Shear off performative authenticity. (Delete Instagram, then, I guess.) Watch out for spiders in the Swedish Fish. Let your six-year-old have another Swedish Fish. Give a crow a peanut if you’re willing to make a long-term commitment to the relationship. Bring doughnuts, make human friends. Be careful with the chocolate squirter. We’re all in this together, for better or worse. Organize, listen, organize.

Spend more time on the water. Spend less money, work less, become a human who is outside with the crows and water. Tell late stage capitalism to take a hike, because that’s what you’re doing. 

It might rain.

Don’t pull all-nighters unless the messenger is coming in the morning.

Do what feels good.

One thought on “Lessons from XOXO 2019, or, Log Off and Start Bustin’”

  1. Very soothing. Felt like I was back at Rev Hall. <3

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