My Core Values

Does your business have core values?

I took a little time recently to think about mine. I’ve always known that certain things are important to me—like supporting nonprofits and creating an awesome product that makes my clients hear trumpets when they read it—but I’ve never written them down.

I guess I was busy writing other stuff.

Now, I have a draft of my core values that I’m feeling pretty good about, and I’d like to share it with you.

I wrote these as “we,” even though my business is me, my laptop, and an occasional outside proofreader. But, hey, it’s good to leave room for growth. And I want my occasional proofreaders to understand where I’m coming from.

Kelley Gardiner Content and Copy
[Draft?] Core Values

Habitual Joy
We seek out fun and cool projects. Life is short, and we do awesome work with people we want to hang out with.

Here to Help
We support small businesses, social justice causes, and nonprofits with our time, money, and talent. We work with people who do the same. We’re here to help our clients and their clients. We aim to make the world a better place for all kinds of people.

Learn, Mess Up, Learn More, Be Awesome, Repeat
We’re always learning something new, and stretching our limits. We’re brainstorming and then pulling back. Good isn’t good enough, but perfect is a myth.

Edited out: We’ll never rest on our laurels, even if we do take some naps here and there.

Does that sound like a business you’d like to work with?

Tell me: What’s important to you in your business? Leave a comment below, or email



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