Newsletters: Let’s Make It Official

Email newsletters.

You all say you’re going to write them.

After all, email marketing is one of the most cost-effective tools out there for small businesses on a budget.

It doesn’t take much to start one up, but keeping it going… well, that’s where the issues start to pop up.

Nodding your head or tugging your collar? You’re not alone. Not by a long shot.

Email newsletters are extremely easy to put off. It’s hard to take time every week/month/quarter to figure out your overall messaging, let alone to write a newsletter that supports the rest of your marketing efforts.

“Writing? Yeah, yuck.”

I know how y’all roll.

That’s why I’m making my email newsletter writing service a formal offering. I’ve fallen into writing them for a couple of clients recently, and that makes me think there’s a need out there.

Questions and answers

Hold up. How much will this cost?
It depends on what you need! Do you need everything built from the ground up? Or do you have an outline that just needs to be filled out?

If you want a professional result, you’ll need to pay a professional price. How much does it cost you when you spend hours on yours? What does it cost to neglect your list?

We’ll make sure you get value for the service, or we won’t do it.

How do I start?
I’m only taking a few clients now, so email to let me know you’re interested. We’ll chat a bit, and if it sounds like a good fit, we’ll go through an intake process and get a contract in place.

Emailing me is always free, so don’t be scared about that part. I’M NICE.

What if I need help with, like, the whole thing. A lot of help.
Email me. If you need technical assistance that’s outside my area of expertise, I can refer you to an expert. I know people.


Yay! Let’s get started today. We’ll get more leads, and guide more warm leads to a sale.




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