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Content Editing

You need content on a regular basis, but you want to make sure it’s tight, on message, and ready to make a splash on the internet. I am ON IT.

Let’s discuss your ongoing needs with a free consultation. Hourly rate or monthly retainer, depending on volume.

Small Business Website Copy

Let’s take your website copy to the next level.

The Website Rewrite 
You have a website, and some copy, but you never really felt confident that it’s doing the marketing work you want it to do.

Let’s fix that.

We’ll meet and talk about your business, what’s working well, and what isn’t.

Based on that conversation and a followup questionnaire, I’ll rewrite, produce some new copy, and make tweaks for SEO. Your sales, marketing, and mission are my first priority.
Starts at $150/page

DIY Entrepreneurs

I know you. You’re not going to hire someone to write your stuff for you. You’re going to do it yourself, like you do everything else, you beautiful business machine! I’ll launch you in the right direction to save you time and money.

Common questions: How can I improve my website copy? What do I say? Is this part weird? Do I need a blog? What should I put in my newsletter? 

Communications Consultations
We’ll hash out your biggest questions, and I’ll follow up by email with resources and recommendations. My first recommendation: schedule online now, so you don’t forget!

Questions? Ready to get started? Email me or schedule a quick call.