Juggling a million things in your business? Kelley is THE person to work with on content. She’s a seasoned copywriter who can help you with a wide range of areas. And what’s even better, is that Kelley goes above beyond to deliver what’s going to be best for your business long term—whether that’s high-performing subject lines, killer headlines that translate to clicks, or SEO target keywords positioned to perform.—Kate Keough, Co-Founder and COO, Pepperlane

Kelley is reliable, quick, creative and thorough; I can always count on her to deliver exactly what I imagined and then some, no matter what the content. Conciseness is paramount with a half-page print publication, and Kelley knows how to capture key information with both style and precision.—Karel Chan, Former Editor, NW Kids Magazine

I would highly recommend Kelley Gardiner for any writing or editing project. She has a unique point of view that brings content to life. Whether you’re looking for website content or marketing materials, Kelley can tell your story.—Cathy Heslin

You asked good questions, listened well, and got a great handle on my company’s voice. The new website copy you crafted for Upswept felt like the right fit, and we were honestly excited to put it to good use!—Sarah Giffrow, Upswept Creative

Kelley Gardiner wrote killer copy that is simple to digest yet elegant and thorough!—Skye Blue, Stitched

Mini Strategy Sessions

Thank you so much for meeting with me and for your feedback! It was super helpful! I just need to actually sit down and go through my website, implementing more “ideal client” language.—Erin Spencer, Blackbird Counseling