Which Entrepreneur Are You?

Which entrepreneur are you?

Business owners! Get out your pens, and get rolling on our SUPER AWESOME quiz! Would you say you’re a COMMUNICATIONS CUTIE, a WEBSITE WHIPPERSNAPPER, or a PROSE PROFESSIONAL? Let’s find out!

You need to get your newsletter out in a week. Ack! What do you do?

A) Oops. You thought you had a list, but you actually never set one up.

B) Go get some coffee, open up Mailchimp, open up Facebook, start looking at baby pictures, close Facebook, remember Mailchimp, remember that you hate writing, say, “uuuggh,” buy a cookie, open Facebook. Start writing your newsletter, forget what you were going to say in it. Write half of it, hate what you wrote, delete half.

C) Write your newsletter, because you have a content calendar ready and your message mapped out for the next 18 months. Now you have time to review it again in a few days before you send it off to the proofreader. Then you order your groceries and paint your nails, because it’s Monday.

Your business coach says you should start blogging. Your first reaksh?

A) Blogging? What? No. Do people still blog? When is this supposed to happen, anyway? No, hahahaha are you kidding, that is like the LAST thing in your list, lol, no, omg.

B) Maybe, sure, you could start in a couple of months. When you get to it. Sounds like a fine idea. Could work. Is it really important? You COULD do it.

C) You’ve already asked your business coach who to hire to get this done for you, met the blogger for lunch between appointments, and sent the receipt to your assistant.

Work is slow lately, and you haven’t signed a new client in a bit. What do you do?

A) PANIC. Get really into Instagram?

B) Grab that marketing plan you made last year to catch up.

C) Keep doing what you’re doing. Slow times rarely happen for you, so you enjoy them when they roll around. If it gets too slow, you have a few pals you can call to drum up business.

You’ve changed your services, and it’s time to update a few pages of your website.

A) You’ll get to it, you’ll get to it. (You never get to it.)

B) Put it on your list, make the changes, mostly hate them, move on with your life.

C) The website updates were all part of the overall plan, of course, all laid out in your planning software with your own unique color coding.

Awesome! Add up your score, and see what kind of entrepreneur you are.

Mostly A’s
You are rocking, rolling, and you are DOING IT. However, there is a good chance you need website copy. STAT. Email me. Sign up for my newsletter. Now.

Mostly B’s
Hashtag bossbabe!* You know where you need to go, but you need a little business GPS to get there. No prob! We’ve got you covered.

Mostly C’s
You know what the heck you’re doing. I’m a little bit intimidated. Let’s have coffee. I will buy your coffee. Or your green smoothie. You probably have a lot of green smoothies. I like that about you.

*Bossbabe is gender neutral now. All genders can be babes. It is so decreed.


This quiz ran in my July 2019 newsletter. See what you’re missing out on? Stop missing out on that.

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