Website Copy Glow-ups for Solo Service Providers

Take your small business from from “blah” to “booked out”

You know you need new website copy

Maybe you were never really confident about sharing your website.

Maybe it just doesn’t fit where you are in your business now.

Either way, you know you need something new… but have NO idea where to start.

  • How do I come up with a headline?
  • How long should this page be?
  • Is this compelling and clear?
  • People say they like my site, but no one’s booking.
  • Apparently I need an “About” page, but what do I say? I hate writing about myself!
  • I thought this would take a couple of weeks, but it’s dragging on for months.
  • Nothing I write sounds right. Everything comes out all tortured and weird.

If you’re running a business in between driving kids to sports, or or full-time and barely squeaking by…

You deserve website copy help too. 

"Kelley, I had the most amazing experience with the video you sent giving us your expertise and advice. You improved the content while also making me smile with your comments and questions. Cannot thank you enough. "
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Personalized strategy for your small business site