Is your copy driving you forward?

Words sell.

Professional copy makes sense.

It’s the writer’s job to sculpt a compelling message.

  • We study your business and its unique offering.
  • We learn all about your customer and the messages they want to hear.
  • We write.
  • We edit.
  • Then we make sure it works.
Kelley Gardiner headshot

A little about your pal Kelley

I ditched the full-time office grind six years ago. Now I get to use the power of words to boost a community of small businesses. Best (professional) choice of my life. Choose me if:
    • You’re creating a community of small businesses that support each other
    • You provide a kickass service
    • You could use a calm, steady presence in your work life
    • You have customer data available, or are willing to help create it
    • Your brand voice is: upbeat, positive, friendly, just slightly quirky, bold, or exciting
Don’t choose me if:
  • You sell a physical product that’s not world-changing sustainable
  • Your brand voice is the actual voice of a zombie (easy, but too scary)

Let’s make it strikingly clear what’s so awesome about your business.

Let’s help your client get those services they’re searching for.

Let’s make the process as straightforward as possible.