Website Copy Refresh

Words that match where you are &
speak to your prospects
in your solo service biz

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"This is great! Why haven't I done it before!??"

That’s what we want your leads to say when they’re looking over your site…

And what you’ll say when you get a load of your new website copy.

With a Website Copy Refresh, you get words that resonate with your best-fit customer.

Sparkling fresh website copy that actually sells

In 4 weeks flat

You need new website copy NOW because…

  • Giving someone your website address feels like showing a stranger your dirty kitchen.
  • A website copy rewrite has been on your “Oh yeah, I HAVE to do that” list for more than six months.
  • You’re scared to touch your copy. And it’s growing cobwebs.
  • Your clientele and services have evolved, but your website is talking to a customer from three years ago.
  • Leads straight up ghost after they visit your site, so you know you’re leaving money on the table.
  • You know that if nothing changes on your site, nothing changes in your business. And that’s slightly terrifying.

You get

Ready-to-post website copy that works for you and connects with your customer
  • Updated and edited website copy optimized for conversions
  • Your brand voice and tone
  • Clickable calls to action
  • Headlines and subheadings that create clarity, then curiosity
  • A cheerleader for your business

But specifically:

  • New copy for a five-page site. In a Google Document. Ready to rock.

Works if you have:

  • An existing website for a service business
  • A simple 5-page business site structure and layout
  • No more than 20% of current information that needs to be changed

Four weeks. Seriously.

Step 1: Book a 20-minute discovery call to make sure this is the right project for you
Day 1: Sign the contract and pay the 50% deposit. Schedule a 60-minute intake call within 1-3 days.
Day 4-18: We spend about two weeks optimizing your current website copy
Day 19: We present your copy to you in a quick 20-minute call
Day 20-23: You make any comments about brand voice, etc., within 3 business days
Day 23-25: If needed, we complete any small touch-ups within 3 days
Day 25: You pay the final 50%, and the copy goes to the proofreader
Day 28: You own your new copy! Paste it all over your site and let me know how it goes 💪

"But do I have time to even deal with this?"

Your time investment:

  • Email Kelley to see if she’s available (optional)
  • Make a 20-minute discovery call 
  • Pay the 50% deposit
  • Schedule and take the 60-minute intake call
  • Answer questions via email promptly (usually once a week)
  • 20-minute copy presentation call 
  • Review optimized copy in a timely fashion (You’ll know  when to expect it.)
  • Make brief comments if needed
  • Pay the remaining 50%
  • Pace the copy on the business site

What is that, 2-3 hours? Not a huge amount, but it is important to have time cleared at certain points in the project. 

(Can’t keep up? That’s 1000% okay! We can change the schedule. It’ll just take more than four weeks.)


For most 5-page websites

Your UX and Conversion Copywriter

“Who the heck is this Kelley Gardiner, and what does she want with my website?”

Photo of Kelley with black top and blue skirt

Hiiiiiii! I’m a conversion copywriter, and I specialize in website copy for solo service providers.

I’m a solo service provider, too. We’ve got to stick together.

My training in conversion copywriting is via Copyhackers by Joanna Wiebe, and in UX copywriting thanks to Beyond Web Copy by Susan Reoch. 

My team is just me and a couple of proofreaders I keep on hand. Fingers crossed, I’ll be able to get more admin help in 2024. But when you’re emailing me, you get me and you get my attention. 

My process:

Learn about your business: Your 60-minute intake call is all about your business and your goals. Then I sneak around the internet to glean some more morsels.

Learn about your customers: I deep dive into what your customers are saying, what they truly want, and what other solutions they might be considering.

Learn about your competitors: Sometimes it helps me learn more about your customers. Sometimes it helps me figure out a piece of messaging that’s missing. But I don’t steal from other people because 1) boo and 2) you never know what’s actually working for other people.

Optimize your website copy: I use all that information and spin it together with buyer psychology to create ethical website copy that helps your customer see how great you are.

Not editing. Not “wordsmithing.”

Breaking down the messages and making it easier to buy from you.

Questions? Email

Sarah Giffrow
Sarah GiffrowUpswept Creative
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You asked good questions, listened well, and got a great handle on my company's voice. The new website copy you crafted for Upswept felt like the right fit, and we were honestly excited to put it to good use.