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You know you need a change because at least one of the following is true:

  • You’re working on a redesign of your site…
  • Your offerings have changed since you wrote your website copy…
  • Your clientele has changed…
  • You’re answering too many of the same questions over and over and over…
  • You’re having to tell people to ignore what’s on your website…
  • You get embarrassed when you give leads your link…
  • You tried to rewrite your copy and the project fell apart…
  • You’re having trouble getting organized…
  • You’re finding it hard to strike the balance between brand voice, SEO writing, and sales copy…
  • Your writing is complex and wordy, but you want it to be easy to follow…
  • Your own attempts feel jumbled, lacking the right flow…
  • Saying you’ve been stuck on it “for a long time” is a charitable assessment…

Getting started is the worst part. 

After that? Everything else.

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"I can write. Why is website copy so hard?"

It’s more than just making words sound good. It’s about applying specific measures that are likely to increase conversions. 

Getting a perspective from outside of the bubble of your business helps.

So does getting personalized, transferable information from a trained copywriter who lives in the world of headline formulas, Problem-Agitation-Solution, eyebrow copy, customer journeys, tone vs voice… and everything else that comes along with the gig. 

"Meh. I'll do it later."

Finish sales page, sign the kids up for that reading program, send five cold emails, follow up with the other emails, prep for client meeting next Thursday, plan menu for next week’s trip, think of an idea for a Reel, actually put on makeup and make the Reel, buy some new pants, check the kids’ shoes sizes, make an appointment with etc., etc., etc.

You’re busy. 

But what happens when your website isn’t working?

  • Your traffic stays so low, you wonder if you and your mom are the only ones who ever visit
  • Potential customers who do end up on your site don’t find any reason to stick around
  • That cool lead you gave your business card to at the networking event doesn’t see the value of what you do
  • You’re dreaming of the cold drink you could enjoy on a beach. Instead, you’re drinking lukewarm coffee and stressing about how much gas costs this week.

Why not just...

Google a template and do it yourself?

YouTube tutorials can be super legit. Hundreds of templates out there could work GREAT for your site.

But… how do you know which one is right? Which one applies the best to your specific business needs? And how do you know you’re filling the thing out correctly?

After hours of work, you’re still left with a ton of questions and no one to turn to.

Hire a copywriter to write it for you?

If you can afford it, and you’ve been in business for a year or more, hiring a copywriter can be a worthwhile investment. (If I do say so myself.)

But let’s be honest: hiring a copywriter is out of reach for a lot of small business owners. A site from scratch can cost you $3000, as a starting point. 

As with any freelancer, there’s the possibility of getting burned by flakes. Or just making the wrong hire and getting set back. Again.

Real copywriting help for your small business

 An audit and a plan to move forward

If you want to increase your audience and make more money online, you need a website that works. 

The Website Copy Review starts with an audit of your current site. I’ll cover the big and small ways you can optimize your current site for your needs and your audience.

Then we’ll walk through some examples and resources that can help you with the job that’s in front of you.

Need help with product descriptions? You might get an example, an outline, and pointers to keep in mind.

Need to change your service menu? You might get an edited version and a template for your page moving forward.

Every site is different. Every business is different. Every Website Copy Review is lovingly crafted to move your business and your project forward.

YES to cookies.
NO to cookie-cutter solutions.


Every plan is started from scratch. Everything starts with your business and your needs. No templates. 


The internet changes fast. I keep up with better known practices and what’s working today to help keep your copy strategic and ethical.


You can tell me exactly what questions you have, your goals, and the kind of help you need. I’ll focus my feedback and coaching on that. So you get exactly the help you’ve been thirsty for. 

A Website Copy Review makes sense when…

  • You KNOW that you need to change your website copy, but you have no freaking clue where to start.
  • You’re a perfectly capable writer, but when you sit down to write about yourself, a curtain blocks off the “word make?” portion of your brain.
  • You’re working with a website designer, and they remind you that they need the content in three weeks.
  • You tried to rewrite your website copy, and everything sounded like a robot wrote it. Not even a cool robot.
  • You are not the biggest fan of blank pages.
  • You needed it done yesterday. Also known as six months ago.
  • You’re still recovering from the sticker shock from the copywriter who gave you a quote last year.

But only if all these things are true…

  • You have the time, energy, and capacity to write your own website copy
  • You want support, but also to take responsibility for the result
  • You’re approaching the project with curiosity about what works well and what doesn’t for your audience

No more feeling stranded with a writing project

👉 Book your review.

Plan on taking 5-10 minutes to answer a few questions about your business, your website, and your goals moving forward. I’ll confirm and let you know if I have any questions.

👉 Get your plan.

You’ll get a link to a video, your website copy roadmap, and any other extras via email.

👉 Schedule a follow-up call when you’re ready.

We’ll talk over any questions you have as you implement your plan. It’s all included.

Make your message shine

The process of writing website copy is anything but clear-cut. 

Lots of steps. Places to get mired down. Opportunities to take look at your progress, or lack of it, and ask yourself, “What am I even doing with this?”

Luckily for you, you have a few shortcuts at your disposal. A professional copywriter might take hours to research a page, but you’re already the expert in your business.

You know who your customer is, and what they want.

You know how you deliver incredible value.

You know the reasons why people choose you, and why they choose your competition.

Don't get stuck in the mire. Start with a definitive plan.

You’ll see the difference when your copy is more professional, descriptive, and clear: More leads. Better leads. Fewer questions that your site already answers.

Woman pictured from behind, with ocean in background

Doing all the things? Get all the strategy first.

“Sounds great … but does it work?”

Customers aren’t going to come sprinting toward you, cash in hand, the moment this is done. But when your marketing messages are clear and targeted, you’ll get more of the kinds of clients you really want to serve. That’s what we’re all working toward here. 

“I don’t have the time.” 

Life isn’t going to get less busy in a couple of months.

We all have busier seasons, some of which we can predict, and some of which we can’t. But in general, we’re busy people who have to carve time out to finish projects. You can carve it now, or you can carve it later. But you’re not going to reap the benefits until it’s done.

“What if I can’t get it done, or I hate what I write, or I get sick and fall behind at work, or my writing hand gets chopped off by my dad in a lightsaber battle, or any other life stuff that might pop up?”

Kelley Gardiner Copywriting has a DIY-or-Don’t Guarantee. If you get all your in-depth instructions on how to rewrite your website copy, and you still don’t feel like you can get it done, credit the entire fee to a Website Refresh.  

“But my writing skills aren’t so hot.”

Do you mean you have a hard time expressing yourself? Or that your grammar is not that great?

If it’s the grammar thing, I can hook you up with a copy editor when you’re done. 

If you don’t think you have the chops and you’re not excited to try, consider a Website Refresh instead.

“Can I talk to Kelley first?”

I would absolutely love to get to know you. Book it on my calendar

Fix your website copy fast.

No more wondering about what to say, or where to say it. 

No more sighing and hoping that your website copy will be better someday.

Just straightforward guidance and exactly what to do, and how to do it.

Get it done. With support along the way.

Clicking this button will take you to a Square checkout. I’ll follow up with you by email within one business day to learn more about your business and let you know when you can expect your review. Reviews typically take about one week, but feel free to email me first if you have any questions.

"Kelley made everything really easy to understand."
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