Three Good Reasons to Write Your Own Website Copy

When to write your own website copy

Yes, a professional is (almost) always worth it. But this time, are you better off on your own?


Summary: Write your own website copy if you’re new to business, if your website doesn’t drive sales, or if you just don’t have the budget for a full copywriting project.

Copywriters don’t just move words around. 

We move words around for IMPORTANT REASONS.

Okay, that’s a joke, but it’s rooted in the truth. We start with your goals, create strategies based on what works, and then work on knocking your leads off their feet with the words we choose.

A professionally copywritten website is going to cost time and money—think $5000 and up. That’s a smart investment when you and your business are ready.

But how do you know when you’re ready?

And what can you do if you need help before then?


Here are the three instances when you can, and should, write your own website copy.

Reason One: Your business is new

Maybe you’ve been in business for less than a year.

Maybe you’ve been hustling here and there for a couple of years while working another job or busy with other life pursuits. (How do you do, fellow moms?)

Once you get more data about your audience and what they truly want, you can invest in website copy that converts.

Why wait? 

You need sales to know what works…

As you work, serve, and learn, you’ll find out more about the marketplace. Over time, you may learn:

  • Your product-market fit is not dialed in.
  • Someone else is neatly serving the niche you were hoping to fill.
  • Your old branding is ringing false
  • You need to scrap an entire branch of your services that isn’t selling

“Many copy and conversion problems are actually product development problems in disguise.”

Abbey Woodcock

… and sales give you data about your audience.

In order to write your website, a professional copywriter needs customer data.

Yes, there’s still a lot we can work with in startup stages, but “voice of customer” data is our bread and butter. That’s what we use to craft our astonishingly enticing offers and calls to action.

When you start with more data — more testimonials, more complaints, more reviews, more feedback of every kind from customers, leads, fans, and archenemies — you’ll get a better result.

Reason Two: Your website isn’t meant to drive sales

What is the function of your website?


If your website nurtures leads and drives sales, invest in your website.

A restaurant needs to have good reviews, not a lot of copy talking up how wonderful they are. Their websites are usually just linking to social, plus address/phone number/menu, and current ordering information. Invest in social media.

Maybe your funnel is set up for a one-page site that drives everyone to your email list. Invest in email.

Maybe you’ve got all the business you can handle, thanks to word of mouth or your charismatic dimples. Invest in your community.


Reason Three: You don’t have budget to hire out

If you don’t have a four-figure budget, you don’t have the budget.

There are still options for you.

Write it yourself

If you need website copy from scratch, and you’re excited about the prospect of learning how to do it, beginners can do a solid job. 

Know that you’ll need to invest some time on the writing and research.  You think it’s the writing that’ll get you, but it’s figuring out what to write that’s tricky.

Hire a copywriter for a day

Many copywriters will work on an hourly or day rate. If you’re kinda embarrassed by your website copy, or you’re not a strong writer, a copywriter can whip a draft into shape in a day or so. 

I’m not offering day rates in 2022, but I’d be happy to refer you to another kickass copywriter who does:

Get a website audit or website review

ASAP. If you already have a site and it’s not performing the way you’d like,  get a professional copywriter to look it over and tell you how to fix it. 

Website Copy Audits give you a detailed plan for how to tackle your website copy. Always start with a plan.