An Affordable Website Copy Upgrade? It’s Possible.

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An Affordable Website Copy Upgrade? It's Possible.

Summary: There are options for affordable website copy help between the two extremes of “complete DIY” and “hire someone to do the whole thing.”  These options range in cost, usually with *imagine me putting on a pince-nez right now and saying this in an intellectual voice* an inverse relationship between time  and money spent. 

Want a quick idea of what you could spend, and what it would get you? Grab your comparison chart ⬇️

An affordable website copy project isn’t just a dream.

Most pro copywriters won’t work on a website for less than about $5000. And that makes sense because a lot of work — not to mention training and experience — goes into the process.

But not everyone’s at the point where that kind of investment is worth it (yet).

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Let’s talk options, at every price point — from free on up.

Zero dollars: Google your way to affordable website copy

Google will get you a long way. You could go down the rabbit hole and start talking about BOFU and PAS along with your expert data mining techniques.

(You could also KISS and just read the simplest shortest cutest most helpful guide, called Fearless First Draft: How to Write Your Website Copy.)

Of course, you’ll be spending your precious time. There is a lot to learn and a lot of dreck to plow through on Al Gore’s internet. Tread carefully.

Just a couple of bucks: Read a book

Gill Andrews has a great book called Making Your Website Work: 100 Copy and Design Tweaks for Smart Business Owners.

Hey, you’re a smart business owner! That’ll work! 

(I don’t get a cut if you click.)

You could also pull out the ol’ library card and see what you can find, but if the focus is digital marketing, make sure it was updated within the last two years or so. Things change. Quickly.

Three figures: Get a consultation

Do you ever wish you could get a professional copywriter to just tell you what to do, so then you could do it all yourself, in your own voice, with total control over the process, knowing that you were doing so with sound strategy in place? 

So you DON’T have to do the whole googling-template buying-throwing it out and starting over again seven times thing?

It’s called a Website Copy Review, and you can get one for only $497. Pretty sweet.

Three or four figures: Book a day rate or "copy intensive"

What the heck is a day rate?

Basically, you hire someone for a full or half day, with a particular assignment in mind. They do as much as they can reasonably accomplish within that amount of time. You both move on with your lives, happier for having made the arrangement.

Let’s say that you have a website with copy, but you hate it. You want it to be better, and you don’t want to think about the process too much. You can hand yourself over to the mercy of a copywriter and ask them to do a half-day or full-day overhaul.

I won’t have this service available in 2022, but please feel free to email for a referral:

I know people.

A cool 2K: Sign up for copywriter training

If you really want to learn to write your own website copy,  you want to keep doing it into the future, and possibly write it for other people, I recommend 10x Web Copy from Copyhackers. 

I’m not an affiliate. I just think it was worth it for me, a professional copywriter. YMMV.

$5000+: The whole shebang

That’s the full website copy treatment, baby!

You’ll find a copywriter you love, meet with them several times, hand over a bunch of information on your website metrics and customers (like testimonials and other feedback), take them to meet your team. It’s a relationship. It’s a process that will likely take place over the course of several months. 

If you hire a conversion copywriter, their job will continue after the “final” approved copy is in place. They’ll make sure everything is working the way it should, with testing and validation. 

It’s not cheap, but it’s worth it when you’re ready.

No matter where you are today, there’s help for you!

Questions? Don’t be shy.

Ready to start the process?

Start with a website copy audit.

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